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Witgatboom Boskamp is located on a private wildlife estate that is free from Malaria and is only 11 Km outside of Mookgophong in the Waterberg district of Limpopo.


This African style bushcamp is set in the beautiful bushveld environment where animals frequently graze. The camp comprises of 7 thatched cottages...


Witgatboom reserve offers exclusive hunting opportunities for all plains game species on our pricelist. Both Bow and Crossbow are allowed. Hunting may be...

Tranquil Atmosphere in the Bush

A haven away from the busy city life where you can relax in the tranquil atmosphere of the bush.  Our primary objective is conservation through breeding projects and maintaining natural habitats. We are privileged to share this magnificent environment surrounding us with our guests.

Witgatboom Bushcamp is located on a private malaria free wildlife estate.  The reserve boasts a multitude of wildlife including many plains game species and an enviable diversity of birdlife.   The reserve is close to the town of Mookgophong (formerly Naboomspruit) in the Waterberg district of Limpopo.  

The region borders the Waterberg mountain range and holds some of the most pristine natural African Bushveld.  Easily accessible from Gauteng and Polokwane the area has become increasingly popular amongst domestic and international tourists.

African Wildlife, Game Drives, Bush Walks, Bow Hunting
African Wildlife, Game Drives, Bush Walks, Bow Hunting
Did you know: The Waterberg protects the only Savannah biosphere in the world. The bushcamp is named after the Smelly Shepherd’s trees (Stinkwitgatboom in Afrikaans) (Boscia foetida subsp. Rehmanniana) which are found naturally on the reserve.  


AFRIKAANS Bosveldwitgat, Stinkwitgat, Fynblaarwitgat, ENGLISH Smelly shepherd’s tree, Stink shepherd’s tree, TSWANA Mopipi, ZULU umVithi. This is a very striking tree with a dense, untidy, semi-circular to V-shaped canopy.  Myriads of branchlets and twigs interweave and tangle, and project rigidly outwards from the canopy.  Foetida refers to the unpleasant carrion-like smell of the flowers which appear in late winter. The Bushveld Shepherds tree grows singly among other species of trees in warm, arid areas like the thorny Bushveld plains. The leaves and flowers of this drought resistant, evergreen tree are valuable fodder for animals.  They are eaten by all antelope, and favoured by giraffe.  The leaves are very nutritious as they are high in protein and Vitamin A.


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